4-Banger Fun For Days: The New 2023 Honda Civic Type R

More power, lighter construction, better aerodynamics. These words are the essence behind the all-new 2023 Honda Civic Type R. The Japanese are taking no chances of being beaten in a segment they are used to dominating. 

The new Honda Civic Type R builds on the sleek and sporty silhouette of the recently revealed new Honda Civic e:HEV. It was developed as part of the “Ultimate Sports 2.0” model concept. 

The Looks 

The new Type R’s appearance is, as always, a matter of personal preference. The bottom line is that the new appear more relaxed, elegant, and significantly less beefy. Honda employees have apparently learned that 20-inch wheels have drawbacks, particularly in terms of driving dynamics. As a result, the new Civic Type R “only” comes standard with 19-inch wheels. 

The large lower grille of the front bumper provides air to the engine. The new, subtle hood, which includes a ventilation opening, improves airflow even further. Large air vents behind the front wheels and a new, larger rear diffuser are two other design elements that help improve aerodynamics. This is integrated directly into the underbody and has a symmetrical shape. 

The new rear spoiler has been completely redesigned to generate even more downforce. To reduce drag, it was angled backward. The rear wing is mounted on new die-cast aluminum brackets and is lower and wider than the previous model. This draws attention to the new slim roofline and wider silhouette.

The new Honda Civic Type R

The new Civic Type R is available in five colors: Championship White, Rallye Red, Racing Blue, Crystal Black and Sonic Gray Pearl. 

Below the Hood 

The Honda Civic Type R has a reputation for powerful, high-revving sports engines. The new model improves on its predecessor’s technology and has been further developed for improved performance. Its engine now produces an astounding 320 horsepower. 

The revised turbocharger now has a more compact housing, which improves the unit’s overall efficiency. Both the number of vanes and the shape of the turbo have been optimized to improve performance and airflow. As a result, the Type R now has the most powerful VTEC turbo engine ever used. 

The updated exhaust system also aids in increasing the power-to-weight ratio, torque, and top speed. The numerous improvements make the new Civic Type R one of the most powerful vehicles in its class per liter of displacement volume. 

The new Type-R generation, like its predecessor, is intended to set standards in the compact sports car segment. The trend is positive: the new Honda Civic Type R recently set a new lap record for front-wheel drive vehicles in Suzuka. 

During the development phase, the engineers made numerous changes. These include new lightweight components, an improved powertrain, and aerodynamic design optimizations. Of course, the end result is the most powerful Type R ever. 

Suspension and Brakes 

The further developed six-speed manual transmission makes drivers feel directly connected to the vehicle. The automatic speed adjustment always ensures the perfect speed when downshifting and supports the balance of the vehicle when entering corners. The transmission is controlled by a high-strength gear lever with an optimized shift pattern, ensuring safe and precise gear changes. 

The two-piece brake discs of the previous generation have been retained in the further developed Brembo brake system. This ensures excellent response and a long service life of the braking system. Improved temperature control and air cooling ensure lasting, optimal performance even under high loads. The new triple exhaust design with improved sound modulation enhances the acoustic experience and intensifies the connection between driver and vehicle. 

On the Inside 

The cockpit is designed to support an intense driving experience: the driver sits lower than before while having a better view over the lower bonnet. Blind spots and reflective elements

have also been reduced. The lightweight sports seats for the driver and front passenger offer optimal support and ensure comfort and freedom of movement both on the racetrack and on long journeys. 

The driver can choose between Comfort, Sport and +R modes for six performance parameters, including engine, steering and chassis. In addition, the new individual mode is available, which allows individual adjustment of these six parameters. 

The performance data logger Honda LogR has been redesigned and combines the performance data collected by the sensors in the vehicle with a smartphone app. In this way, the driver can monitor and record a wide variety of measured values in real-time. 

The most important functions include a stopwatch for recording lap times, a display of the 3D vehicle movement and the friction circles of all wheels, which shows the maximum transferrable tire force, and a score function for evaluating and improving your own driving technique on the race track to compare it with others drivers and ultimately to improve accuracy and increase safety resulting in faster lap times.

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