1995 Toyota Chaser

The Toyota Chaser is a four-door sedan that, on the outlook, seems like a regular, family-use car but is a complete powerhouse under the hood. Its ability to seat five people, spacious interior, and compact, old-school design make the Chaser a reliable daily-use vehicle. Equipped with the infamous 2.5L 1JZ-GTE and 3.0L 2JZ-GE inline six-cylinder engines, the Chaser offers a lot of performance for a family guy looking to experience some thrill. The Chaser only offers right-hand drive mode as it was made specifically for the Japanese market.

Overview of the 1995 Toyota Chaser:

The 1995 Chaser boasts a peak horsepower of 280bhp and a rev. of 6200rpm at maximum power. It is mainly available and sold in two models, the E-JZX90, further divided into trims, and the E-JZX91, the highest-end model.

E-JZX90: The E-JZX90 models come equipped with the 2.5L 1JZ-GTE engine. These are further divided into classes; the Avante class, only available with auto transmission, defines luxury, while the Tourer class leans towards the sporty side, offering both 5-speed manual and 4-speed auto transmission. The Avante G Four was the first to be introduced with an AWD driving train.

E-JZX91: This model was powered by the insane 3.0L 2JZ-GE engine and peaked in terms of performance. This Chaser variant was called the ‘four-door Supra’, meaning that it was the perfect four-door sports car offered by Toyota.

Performance and Fuel Economy:

Offering a 24v I-6 petrol engine and pushing top speeds as high as 155mph, this car offers high-speed thrills and a comfortable drive for daily use. Fueled by one of the most powerful engines, the Chaser can be pushed to its limits and still won’t fail to deliver in terms of performance. The gear shifting works as smoothly as butter, providing power to the rear-end wheels that make for impressive acceleration. Accompanied by a 70L fuel tank, the Chaser offers an average of around 21.3mpg within the city and 39.2mpg if driven on the highway.

Design, Comfort, and Quality:

In terms of design, the Chaser carries a decent, old-school look. Designed with an OEM optional front lip, back spoiler, and side skirts put together with good proportions and streaming lines, practically all cherish the styling. A tilt sunroof adds to the beauty of the exterior. The wooden panel interior doesn’t have much to offer, but given that this car dates back to 1995, it does average in terms of style and features.

The driver receives adjustable power steering, power windows, and foldable side mirrors. Behind the steering wheel lies a plain and simple tachometer providing the car’s basic speed, RPM and fuel details. A central mount exposes an A/C unit powered by climate control technology and a CD changer alongside two front-door speakers to enjoy music while cruising. A center cupholder for people in the front and an ample-sized glovebox and console for extra storage space are also available.

The car uses soft cloth stitching for the seats, which makes for a comfortable long drive and fits in well with the overall interior. A spacious cabin offers good head and leg space for people in the front and back. This means travelers can experience long drives and cruises without getting their legs sore or the need to stretch their legs every other minute. The seats are low, which allows passengers in the back to see over the driver’s head and through the windscreen.

Thanks to the well-engineered suspension system, the car offers a smooth ride, even over bumpy roads or potholes. In the quality department, the Chaser rocks a solid rating. The sturdy and neutral chassis of the car, as well as good road grip and strong overall body, ensure decent stability. The Chaser has a really low ground clearance of around 6.1 inches, which keeps it stable even during sharp turns and lowers the risk of the car rolling over in case of a high-speed crash.

Safety Features:

The Chaser does well in terms of safety. The car uses ABS for prompt braking and a traction control system to ensure that the driver remains in control and that accidents can be avoided. A driver’s side airbag is provided as reassurance when behind the wheel to offer maximum damage protection in case of a mishap. A side impact bar helps keep the passengers safe in an accident, and the car either rolls over or suffers a hard impact on the sides.

An auto-stop light is available to inform trailing drivers that the Chaser ahead is slowing down. Child restraints are available inside, and a 3-point safety belt is provided for the front passenger and driver. Generally, the Chaser is a truly dependable vehicle, and most owners say the mechanical side of things is nearly indestructible. Toyota has always had a notoriety for unwavering quality.


  • Dimensions (mm): 4750 x 1750 x 1390
  • Trunk Vol. (ft²): 15.4
  • Base Curb Weight (kg): 1420
  • Wheelbase (mm): 2730
  • Maximum Torque (Nm): 362.8

1995 Toyota Chaser – Owner’s Manual:

Upon purchase, customers receive an owner’s manual that includes all of the vehicle’s important information for future use. The owner’s manual’s contents include information regarding the car’s features and systems, which the company advises customers to read in case there are issues with the car. Some of the contents in the owner’s manual for the Toyota Chaser are:

  • General Maintenance Items 
  • Cooling System
  • Oil System
  • Fluids and their capacities
  • Spark Plugs
  • Misc. Items
  • Brakes
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Toyota Diagnostic Codes 
  • Toyota Error Codes

1995 Toyota Chaser – Pricing

Upon release, the Chaser was priced around $13,000 for the base variants and older editions and went up to $24,500 for the highest-end models. Currently, the prices for the 1995 model of the Chaser vary a lot, given what the customer is looking for. According to the current state of inflation, and the popular demand for the old-school JDM cars, a used 1995 Toyota Chaser, with a perfectly working engine and transmission, a clean body and entire chassis, is available starting from $30,000 to anywhere around the $45,000 mark.

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