Is the Cooper STT Pro a Good Tire?

Discoverer STT Pro: Cooper’s Most Advanced, Extreme Off-Road Tire

The Discoverer STT Pro is Cooper’s most advanced mud terrain tire that functions as good as it looks. Intended for light trucks and SUVs, the Cooper STT Pro is a mud tire with an aggressive design that’s interestingly effective not only off-road but also on the highways.

What’s highly surprising to most, though, is its relatively quieter ride on the road compared to other mud tires. says about this tire: “The STT Pro has been well-mannered on the highway for such an aggressive tire, providing great traction and a smooth ride overall.”

Noise-Reduction Design: The tread has a unique inner rib pattern that provides acoustic isolation. Cooper STT Pro’s 3-2 alternating lugs help keep road noise to a minimum. These features contribute to the overall low-noise characteristics of the STT PRO.

Cooper incorporated acoustics engineering into the design, but understandably, each driver will still have different opinions – and some might still find it “loud” on the road, as most mud tires generally are.

But in every practical sense, mud tires are worth the noise on the freeway to get to the dirt – and for Cooper STT Pro tires, in particular, they’re definitely worth it, as they’re great for off-road use.

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Tire - image

Image 1: Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

I would generally expect a mud tire to do well on the dirt, but Cooper really took the STT Pro to the next level by packing it with all sorts of technology for increased performance.” –Expedition Portal “…and the STT Pro is a clear sign of their commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance, comfort, and longevity across their range of off-road tires. It showcases impressive durability and sidewall strength, exceptional off-road traction, and on-road performance that is truly leaps and bounds ahead of the howling M/Ts of 10 years ago.”

Advanced Technology: Armor-Tek3 Construction

Cooper STT Pro’s Armor-Tek3 construction provides reinforcement to the sidewall and tread area, providing 50% more protection against impact damage than standard 2-ply tires. The third ply is angled 8 degrees off (see image below), which maximizes carcass protection in severe off-road conditions, increasing durability.

Normal Ply versus Armor Tek3 - image

Image 2: Normal 2-ply versus Armor-Tek3 (3-ply); Source:

It’s only fitting to say that the Cooper STT Pro is the most hardcore off-road tire in the Discoverer family: built for nothing less than extreme traction to crush any off-road challenge.

Additionally, this mud tire provides excellent fuel mileage due to its reduced rolling resistance.

Cooper STT Pro’s Durability

Cooper developed the STT Pro tire for use on the most demanding off-road terrains.

It has anti-stone retention ribs to protect the tire from punctures. It also has a rubber rim flange protector (raised rubber ring) on the lower sidewall area to protect the wheel and tire from damage, especially during off-road use. And with its durable tread compound and three-ply carcass protection, the STT Pro tire is ready to handle whatever you throw at it.

Expedition Portal released their data on Cooper STT Pro’s tread wear performance after 15,000 miles:

  • Tread depth at install: 146,000 miles, 21/32
  • Final tread depth: 161,000 miles, 16/32 front, 14/32 rear
  • Rear tread depth is lower due to a 7,000-mile, non-rotation road trip with the Airstream
  • Minimal cupping or feathering
  • Based on 2/32 minimum tread depth, 75 percent life remaining
  • No chipping

Designed to Excel Especially in Mud

The STT Pro tire provides excellent traction on mud, dirt, and sand with its angled and grooved walls and mud-release ribs. Its aggressive tread pattern with alternating cleats on the shoulder lugs is especially effective in these conditions and on inclines.

On one off-road test for the Cooper STT Pro, the review mentioned: “the Coopers performed flawlessly.” Moreso, the tires’ grip on the rocky portions of the trail and the muddy sections was truly impressive.

Its side biter cleats increase traction when the tire flexes against an obstacle to pass over it. Its flex groove in the buttress region of the tire allows the tread and side biter cleats a better grip, conforming to obstacles in its path.

And with the added mud release dimples to the outer lugs, mud buildup is prevented – thereby increasing traction in the deeper muck as the tires allow for quicker self-cleaning. Its asymmetrical scallops on the alternating lugs lead the mud into the mud scoops for increased traction.

Cooper’s Pride – The Discoverer STT Pro

The Cooper Discoverer STT PRO is one of the most technologically advanced mud tires on the market. Its Armor-Tek3 construction technology provides a strong polyester casing with a tough, reinforced tread. It offers exceptional off-road performance and has a great on-road ride. Cooper envisioned creating a hardcore off-road mud tire for outdoor explorers, and they hit the mark. Why don’t you check out and shop Cooper STT Pro in our online store today?



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