Blackhawk Tires: all hype or the real deal?

Blackhawk tires – love them or hate them, their positioning is brilliant.  

The people behind the brand worked hard to design, create and deliver high-quality tires at reasonable prices – giving big tire brands a run for their money. 

Blackhawk tires offer durability, performance, and overall quality without the high price tag, whether for cars, crossovers, SUVs, or commercial trucks.

But that’s all talk. 

So let’s take a closer look and see whether all this is hype or if there’s truth to all the buzz.

Expertise in Top Leadership

The President of the manufacturer of Blackhawk tires, Ron Dolan, has over 20 years of industry experience. Leading the operations in North America, he set the bold vision to make quality tires affordable, saying: 

“The formation of Sailun Tire Americas allows our North American team of experts to work closely with our customers on the design, development, and marketing of our multiple tire brands for passenger cars, trucks, and SUVs, as well as commercial and fleet vehicle applications….”

TRAC welcomes Sailun

March 25, 2021 – Carol Hochu, CEO of Tire and Rubber Association of Canada (TRAC), welcomed the manufacturer of Blackhawk tires as its 25th member, referring to the firm as “... an important global industry player,” and added, “we look forward to a cooperative and lasting relationship that will be mutually beneficial.”

What company is behind Blackhawk tires?

Sailun Tire Americas is the firm behind Blackhawk tires, bringing its line of products to more than 130 countries. The company combines cutting-edge technology, intensive R&D, and innovative manufacturing to create a line of tires that deliver amazing quality at a lower cost than its big-name competitors. 

While not as widely popular as its behemoth competitors in the tire industry, Sailun’s tire types are admired by consumers who appreciate the brand’s simple but captivating line-up of high-quality, affordable tires.

Blackhawk Tire Performance

Whether you’re driving on dry pavement or wet roads, Blackhawk tires are up to the task with their excellent traction and handling. As it is also gaining a reputation for being one of the quietest tires on the market, you will surely enjoy a peaceful ride even at high speeds. 

Here’s a bit more detailed information about the Blackhawk tire’s performance:

  1. Superior traction: Blackhawk tires feature a unique tread pattern that helps to grip the road, even in wet or icy conditions. You’ll enjoy excellent traction in various terrain and seasons, making them a great choice for drivers who want tires capable of varied weather conditions.
  1. Enhanced handling: The tires are engineered for enhanced handling, providing a smoother ride and improved control on the road. With their special tread design, the tires can hug the road, providing better stability and control when cornering or driving in adverse weather conditions.
  1. Reduced road noise: Blackhawk tire’s high-silica rubber compound and its special tread design (the sizes of the blocks vary in length around the wheel’s circumference) help reduce road noise, making it a quieter ride.
  1. Long-lasting tread life: These tires are built to last, with a tread life significantly longer than average. This means drivers can get more mileage out of their tires and enjoy a lower cost per mile. The tires are made from a special compound that helps to resist wear and tear, meaning they will last longer and provide better value for money.

Biased toward Quality and Safety

Blackhawk tires are made from carefully researched materials and innovative manufacturing techniques, so you can be sure they will last for many miles. With the special tread compound used, the tires resist skidding in wet conditions. 

The tires’ enhanced traction and handling can help prevent accidents, even in adverse weather conditions. 

All these features combine so the tires can handle whatever Mother Nature throws them.

Excellent Value for the Price

Blackhawk tires offer an unbelievable value for the price, providing all of the benefits of a premium tire at a fraction of the cost.

  1. Better value for money: Despite all of the advantages of these tires, they are still very affordable. Also, the extended tread life and increased fuel efficiency of the tires mean that they will quickly pay for themselves, making them a great value-for-money option.
  1. Improved fuel economy: Due to their low rolling resistance, these tires can help to improve fuel economy and save drivers money at the pump. The tires’ particular tread pattern helps reduce rolling resistance, meaning the engine doesn’t have to work as hard to move the vehicle forward – resulting in improved fuel economy and lower emissions.
  1. Smooth ride quality: With a Blackhawk tire, you can expect a smooth ride thanks to their advanced engineering and construction. The tires’ unique design helps absorb bumps and vibrations, resulting in a more comfortable ride –even on long trips.

Blackhawk Tires: Living up to the hype?

In a stroke of genius, Sailun decided to put its tires to the test.

In November 2019 – A blind tire test was performed to subject its tires to open scrutiny and to show dealers that the “meaning of value is much more than just price-based,” stated Mark Pereira, Sailun’s Marketing Communications Manager.  

It’s great that we compared so well against the Tier 1 brand, but the price difference between the two is the issue for us,” said Brian Mielko, vice president of sales for Sailun. It was noted that in the Atlanta market, Tier 1 brands were priced at 70% to 80% premium compared to Sailun’s tires.

Tire Styles under the Blackhawk Brand

Whether you’re in the market for a new set of tires for your car or are considering upgrading your current set,  these are an excellent option.

TIRE STYLE #1 Blackhawk – Hiscend-H HA11

Blackhawk - Hiscend-H HA11-Image

Ideal for light trucks, the Hiscend-H HA11 tire offers:

  • Unique, aggressive all-terrain tread design for added traction
  • Robust sidewall for tire durability
  • Quiet ride with its improved structural rigidity

TIRE STYLE #2 Blackhawk – Hiscend-H HT01

Hiscend-H HT01
Ideal for SUVs and light trucks, the Hiscend-H HT01 tire offers:

  • Full-depth siping for road grip whatever the season – whether dry, wet, or winter conditions, this tire offers good traction
  • Staggered tread blocks that minimize road noise
  • Uneven wear prevention with its special rubber compound, ensures long-lasting tires

TIRE STYLE #3 Blackhawk – Street-H HH11

Blackhawk - Street-H HH11

Ideal for coupes, sedans, CUVs, SUVs, and minivans, the Blackhawk Street-H HH11 tire offers:

  • Excellent handling performance with its non-directional tread pattern
  • Armed with four wide grooves to prevent hydroplaning, making it a safe drive on wet surfaces
  • Well-engineered sipes provide a strong grip on the road

TIRE STYLE #4 Blackhawk – Street-H HU01

Blackhawk - Street-H HU01-Image

Ideal for coupes and sedans, the Blackhawk Street-H HU01 is an ultra-high performance tire that offers:

  • Stable drive at high speeds with its solid center rib ensures a safer and more confident ride
  • Angled grooves with wide specifications for hydroplaning resistance (better control on wet areas)
  • Tapered edges lessen vibration and promote a quiet, comfortable ride

TIRE STYLE #5 Blackhawk – Street-H HUO2 

Blackhawk - Street-H HUO2-Image

Ideal for sport coupes and sedans, the Blackhawk Street-H HU02 is another ultra-high performance tire that offers:

  • Excellent traction: whether on a dry or wet road, wouldn’t be a problem with its specially-designed large outer tread (for increased traction on dry surfaces) and wide grooves within the tread (for better hydroplaning resistance)
  • Fuel-efficient ride due to low rolling resistance resulting from its silica-based rubber compound
  • Designed with rib protector guard to lessen the effect of curbing impact

Masterfully combining quality, safety, aesthetics, and variety at a fraction of the price that big brand names are charging – it does seem that the Blackhawk tire brand is indeed the real deal.

So when you’re ready to get your Blackhawk tires and enjoy a safe, comfortable ride – head on to our website and search for the specific style that’s spot on to your liking. And if ever you’d want a consult, whether to ask for more details about these tires, deals & promos, or questions about warranty: call us at 1-855-978-6789 or email – we’ll do our best to make your tire selection a breeze. 



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