This Is Every Track That Formula 1 Has Raced At In The U.S.

A photo of Jacques Laffite, at the 1986 Detroit Grand prix.
Lights out and away we go, but which lights?
Photo: Paul-Henri Cahier (Getty Images)

Three separate races in the United States of America are scheduled for this year’s Formula 1 calendar. After Italy in 2021 and, you got it, the Land Of The Free in 1982, this is only the third time a single nation has hosted three races in a season.

Over the years, far more Formula 1 races have taken place in the United States. In fact, the United States will have held Formula One races at 12 distinct venues by the end of the 2023 season—the most of any nation that has ever hosted a grand prix.

We felt it was appropriate to go back through the history books and honor some of the cities that have held American Formula 1 races after the sport’s first two races in the United States this year, in Miami and Austin. So you can impress your pals with F1 history in America the next month when you’re throwing a watching party for the Vegas Grand Prix.

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