Tesla Cybertruck Might Get A Little Cybertrunk In Its Bed: Video

Tesla Cybertruck concept
Photo: Tesla

You presumably expect the Tesla Cybertruck to be a rather stupid truck, unless you’re an Elon Musk fanatic who believes there’s nothing wrong with him supporting racists, spreading lies about white genocide, making anti-Semitic remarks, and overall being a horrible person. It will come, though. Eventually, one day. In due course. So the Joe Rogan brothers will have something to look forward to, at least. And it looks like it will have a small trunk in its bed when it does.

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InsideEVs discovered a video on Twitter that seems to depict a prototype Cybertruck with a tiny, perhaps waterproof storage space under the bed. a focus on little. Although the exact size of the in-bed storage compartment is difficult to determine, the footage appears to indicate that it is just big enough to accommodate a car cover. which isn’t very much. You’ll probably be let down if your dream involved loading that baby up with ice and sharing a few cold ones with the guys.

Storage beneath beds is nothing new. One is available from Rivian in the R1T, and the Honda Ridgeline has had one for a while. It can be really helpful if you don’t want to leave anything on your bed and run the danger of someone wandering by and taking what is rightfully yours. Usually, it’s merely larger than what’s visible from this angle. However, it’s also conceivable that the Cybertruck’s storage capacity is greater than what is shown in this video. If that’s the case, Tesla, great job. We retract our earlier statement that it was too small. That’s a whole other conversation, though, because your ex-wife probably won’t retract her statement that it’s too little.

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