Tec-Art’s Black Limited: The Rarest AE86, Modified By The Best


Yoshinori Kamata, proprietor of the venerable Tec-Art’s tuning shop in Saitama, has decided to keep things elegant on his days off. Even though the colors black and gold have always looked well together, I’m not sure there’s anything cooler than customizing a Toyota Sprinter Trueno Black Limited. since there were only 400 of this limited edition model made.


Many of you will probably already be familiar with Tec-Arts and what they do, but in case you haven’t been awake for the past 25 years, here is a brief summary. When not competing in the N2 Vintage Racing Series or the Drift Champions Cup, Tec-Art, original Hachiroku tuners from the heyday of drift, focuses on creating customer vehicles for the road and track. Oh, and Keiichi “Drift King” Tsuchiya’s personal AE86 is in their official care. Dino paid Tec-Art a shop visit in 2020, and you can read more about the feature here.


The Mel Gibsons of the automotive world, drift vehicles are opinionated, a little bit provocative, and not afraid to get a little dirty. Let’s face it, after an eight-hour day, you’d probably prefer a little peace and quiet if you had to work with any of them.


In 1986, you would definitely want to relax with your preferred whisky and a John Player cigarette after clocking out on a Friday night. Yes, the exact same tobacco business that covered the 1970s Lotus F1 vehicles with a sophisticated black and gold covering. The Black Limited AE86 must have drawn inspiration from the vintage JPS (John Player Special) livery, however I’m not sure whether there’s any relation.


All 400 Black Limited automobiles were finished in black with gold insignias, pinstriping, and 14 x 5.5-inch “snowflake” wheels. They had orange lettering on the dash controls and gauges, black, grey, and gold interior accents, and a red ‘Black Limited’ heckblende between the taillights. The Black Limited vehicles were mechanically identical to any other GT Apex trim level kouki (facelift) AE86 Truenos aside from that.


A Black Limited AE86 is without a doubt infinitely cooler than a Panda AE86. Just consider all the other great black automobiles that exist: Dominic Toretto’s Dodge Charger, Mad Max’s Ford Falcon XB GT “Interceptor,” Michael Knight’s K.I.T.T., and the list goes on.…


Here’s a question for you though: What do you think about modifying rare, collectable cars like a Black Limited AE86? Because that’s exactly what Kamata-san has done with his.


There’s not much of the original Black Limited interior, now replaced with a full bolt-in roll cage and a pair of bright red Bride seats.


The original bodywork went under the knife too, now enhanced Kamata-style with a full Tec-Art’s aero kit matched with Crystal Body Yokohama flares.


And one look in the engine bay tells you that the powertrain is now far from stock too. In place of the naturally aspirated, 1.6L DOHC 16-valve 4A-G engine the car came with is a Tec-Art’s-built ‘7A-G’, displacing 1.8L, fitted with a 4A-G 20-valve cylinder head, and also benefitting from a rather large GCG-Garrett turbocharger. The result of all this madness is 480hp at 7,000rpm and 51.9kg/m torque at 5,800rpm, as tuned through a MoTeC M4 engine management system.


There’s a whole lot more to Kamata-san’s Black Limited AE86 too, and those upgrades are listed in the spec panel at the bottom of the page if you’re interested.


So, do you think Kamata-san should have painted a standard AE86 in black and gold instead of modifying this genuine car?  Personally, I think he made the right call, because the upgrades have improved the car’s look and drivability tenfold.

Who knows how many of the other 399 Black Limiteds produced are still around today, but while all the survivors in original condition sit in garages collecting dust and no doubt appreciating in value, this one stealthily prowls the streets of Tokyo. And that’s infinitely cooler in my book.

Toby Thyer
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Tec-Art’s AE86 Toyota Trueno Black Limited 

Engine: Toyota 7A-FE block, forged 82mm pistons, Tec-Art’s 7A-G dedicated connecting rods, Tec-Art’s 7A-G special crankshaft, 1.8L displacement, 8.0:1 compression ratio, 4A-GE 20-valve cylinder head, combustion chamber & port processing, Tec-Art’s 264-degree/8.5mm lift intake & exhaust camshafts, Toda Racing 1.8mm metal head gasket, Tec-Art’s cast exhaust manifold, GCG-Garrett turbocharger, GCG by Turbosmart IWG-75 actuator, Tec-Art’s custom intercooler & piping, Tec-Art’s custom exhaust system with sports catalytic converter & high performance muffler, Tec-Art’s billet intake manifold, Tec-Art’s Type-T fuel pump, 1,000cc fuel injectors, NGK Iritop spark plugs, Trust/GREX 22-row oil cooler, Tec-Art’s Type-Max triple-core radiator, MoTeC M4 engine management system

Driveline: Toyota W55 5-speed gearbox, ATS carbon clutch, ATS flywheel, TRD 2-way LSD with 3.7:1 final drive

Suspension & Brakes: Tec-Art’s Tec-Damper Type-Aragosta shock absorbers front/rear, 6kg/mm front springs, 2.6kg/mm rear springs, modified OEM front/rear stabiliser bars, Endless 4-pot brakes front, Nissan S13 callipers with Tec-Art’s Super Slip rotors rear, Endless brake pads front/rear, Tec-Art’s braided stainless steel brake lines

Wheels & Tyres: Work Meister CR01 wheels, 16×8.5-inch -22 offset front, 16×8.5-inch -60 offset rear, Yokohama Advan Neova tyres, 205/50R16 front/rear

Chassis & Exterior: Reinforced spot welding, Tec-Art’s full aero kit, Crystal Body Yokohama (CBY) overfenders

Interior: Full roll cage, Bride King series carbon/Kevlar seats

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