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After months of rumors, Sony finally confirmed the first substantial change just before the PlayStation 5’s third birthday and, more importantly, the holiday season.

Once more, there will be a physical and digital version of the PS5, which, like previous PlayStation consoles, is likely to receive the nickname “Slim” from enthusiasts. However, unlike with the original system, you won’t be compelled to remain with your choice owing to a cunning add-on.

The console has had a few changes since that initial release in November 2020, however they have all been modest internal changes, chiefly to the heatsink. This upgrade, which is the first total form factor shift, has altered dramatically in size and weight.

With dimensions of 358 mm x 216 mm (14.1 in x 8.5 in), the new console is around 10% shorter and narrower than the outgoing model, with the smaller Digital Edition being over 15% slimmer. Weight reductions of 20% and 30% from the newest PS5 units, resulting in weights of 3.2 kg (7 lb) and 2.6 kg (4.5 lb), respectively.

With the exception of storage, the console’s internal layout is remarkably similar to that of its predecessor. The onboard SSD has increased in size from the extremely modest 825GB capacity that was touted as the most efficient for the new 12-channel IO to a more customary 1TB size. There is currently no mention of any changes to the M.2 expansion slot, which we assume still fits inside the new two-piece top cover.

Possibly the most important change is that the Digital Edition can now be converted to a traditional model by installing a second disc drive. This is available separately and appears to fit into the console without the need for a new cover, probably using a proprietary connector.

The USA, which was previously spared from mid-life price adjustments, has now joined other economies in undergoing a price increase, while Europe and the UK continue to pay their post-hike pricing.

The Digital Edition of the PS5 costs $449.99 (€449.99/£389.99), which is $50 less than the regular $499.99 (€549.99/£479.99) price of the console. It’s intriguing because the optical drive costs more than the price differential at $79.99 (€119.99/£99.99).

If you want your PS5 to stand upright, a new stand is now separately available. The price of that is $29.99 (€29.99/$24.99), and a horizontal stand is also included with the console purchase.

You won’t have to wait as long to accessorize even if the console’s exterior shell has a new four-piece design with the top two panels now glossy white because the replacement covers will be available early next year.

The three colors from the most recent Deep Earth Collection announcement—Cobalt Blue, Sterling Silver, and Volcanic Red—as well as a matte black item are listed as being sold by Sony, while the five shades from the prior Galaxy Collection aren’t mentioned. The price will start at $54.99 (€54.99/£44.99), which is the same as for the current system, and more colors will become available in the future, it does mention.

The new PlayStation 5 will first debut on sale in the USA in November before being made available in other countries over an unsure amount of time. Since it will also replace the original console, if you want one of the full-size gadgets, you best buy one right now before supplies run out.

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