Retired NBA Star Lamar Odom In Yet Another Car Crash Over Weekend

Lamar Odom
Photo: Sthanlee B. Mirador (AP)

Retired NBA star Lamar Odom was involved in yet another car crash last week. WFMZ reports that the wreck took place in Los Angeles at about 3:00 a.m. on Monday morning and that he is currently “totally fine.” Odom was reportedly on his way home from a friend’s house when, according to his spokesperson, “his phone fell and it dropped on the floor and when he reached out for it, his arm went with it.”


He struck a parked vehicle with his white Mercedes-Benz, which then struck another parked vehicle as a result of his action. While it is still unclear how fast Odom was traveling at the time, it was allegedly fast enough for “all three of his airbags to deploy,” leaving him “a little shaken up” even though no one was inside either of the parked cars.

Odom, who has a history of alcohol and drug problems, was apparently taken at his word that he hadn’t been drinking or using drugs because he now runs addiction recovery facilities and maintains his sobriety when the police arrived and began questioning him about his sobriety. The Los Angeles Police Department didn’t provide a sobriety test to the former athlete, indicating that evidently this was sufficient for them.

Odom’s most recent accident serves as another warning to put your dang phone away while you’re driving, assuming his account of what happened is accurate. Furthermore, it’s far safer to stop and park before searching through the floor for it if it should somehow fall out of a mount. Even if your phone is broken, it will still likely be less expensive to fix than getting into an accident.

Odom’s previous car accidents involving a phone are likewise not new. Odom’s driver struck a biker in 2011, who then struck a teenage pedestrian, who eventually passed away in the hospital. At the time, he attributed the fatal collision to his driver, who was giving Odom a phone and failed to notice the motorcycle rider.

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