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The main contents for the next update for Gran Turismo 7, 1.36, have been officially revealed, confirming what we suspected following Kazunori Yamauchi’s silhouette post last weekend.

In total there’ll be four new vehicles, though technically only two of them will be immediately available, along with a surprise new livery for an existing vehicle which will also be gifted to all players who sign into the game over the next seven weeks.

Our guesses for the four vehicles have proven to be correct, although of course one of these was already confirmed as part of a promotional tie-in with the upcoming Gran Turismo World Series Showdown in Amsterdam.

That’s the Toyota Ambulance Himedic ’21, which from the video above appears to be a fully operational emergency vehicle. We’re not sure right now if the lights and siren can be toggled or whether it’s tied into the horn/lights systems, but either way it’s going to make for some interesting lobbies.

The Himedic is one of the two cars you won’t be able to access right away. Players who take part in the Viewers Gift campaign for the World Series Showdown will receive a free example of the vehicle — either on August 14 or 21, depending on your entry — but it will not appear in Brand Central until “late September”.

Something similar applies to the Toyota GR Corolla Morizo Edition ’22. Players will be able to drive the car from the moment the update is installed and the game becomes accessible again, but only in practice for the Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup round seven race at Road Atlanta.

Thereafter, any player who entered any round of the competition will receive the car as a reward on August 28, but it too won’t appear in Brand Central until “late September”.

The two vehicles all players can actually access this month represent two very different eras of performance.

Appearing in Brand Central is the 2020 Maserati MC20. This mid-engined supercar from the Italian brand sports a three-liter, twin-turbo V6 “Nettuno” engine — similar to the one in the Grecale Trofeo SUV we drove last month — producing over 620hp to the rear wheels.

It’s not clear if the 1958 Chevrolet Corvette will appear in Used Cars or the Legends Cars dealer, but either way it will be available for a short time after the update as a “Hot” car before disappearing into the regular stock rotation. Representing the C1’s return — although in an updated form to previous games’ 1954 model — it almost completes the full set of Corvette generations in GT7.

Joining these vehicles is a new livery for an existing car: the 2018 Nissan GT-R Nismo introduced in update 1.25.

The livery is that of the “hero” car of the Gran Turismo movie, as driven in the film both by Archie Madekwe as Jann Mardenborough and by Jann Mardenborough himself as a stunt driver. All players will receive the car and livery for free by clicking on a special in-game tile between August 7 and September 28, and the livery will be available for purchase in Brand Central too.

Of course if you fancy the real thing (and on the right car), you can buy the actual GT-R used on the film at Silverstone Auctions later this month.

The Maserati MC20 is also a star of a new Maserati collection Extra Menu in GT Cafe, which is one of three added this month. Extra Menu 26 will require you to own the MC20, Merak, and classic A6 to receive an as-yet unspecified reward.

Aston Martin also features in a new Extra Menu, requiring ownership of the DB5, DB11, and Valkyrie. A further Extra Menu focuses on Kei Cars, with players asked to collect the Daihatsu Copen, Honda S660, and Suzuki Cappuccino.

As for other new GT Cafe Menus, these are usually not revealed until the update is live, so watch this space for more information on new, curated single-player races.

There’ll also be a new set of nine Scapes locations, called “Fire Station”. This seems likely to tie in with the arrival of the Himedic, though of course if you miss out on early access you’ll be waiting over a month to place it in the shots…

One item that’s conspicuously absent though is a new circuit or circuit location. These are usually revealed within the car content teaser trailer, but the 30-second clip above shows no new tracks at all.

Although that doesn’t mean there’s no new courses this time, it seems likely that the long wait –four months since the last new layouts, five since the last new location — for new asphalt will continue.

We’ll have to wait for the full patch notes to be sure, and they’ll also contain information on any new races along with any other game changes. They’ll be made available when the update arrives, from 0600 UTC on Monday August 7.

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