Lexus LC500 / LC500h Wheel Fitment Guide

The Lexus LC500 GWZ100 is Toyota’s debut into the market for Luxury Grand Tourers. Considering that most previous models were focused on the pure Luxury business end of the scale, this vehicle would, in my opinion, fall in between the Lexus LS and LFA. With a 470bhp V8 and 10 Speed gearbox, Ultimate Comfort.

The LC500 will accept a reasonably large low offset wheel from the factory on the standard arches, in contrast to the tendency of most recent cars having low width/high offset wheels. A wheel that is 12 inches wide can be easily fitted with a little arch work.


Things to watch out for!

The LC500 breaks away from using the traditional 5×114.3 PCD found on most Toyota’s for a 5×120 PCD with M14x1.5 Nuts.

Which Wheel Diameters?

Due to their enormous arch radius and 20-inch size, the OEM LC500 wheel can appear a little out of place.

You can use a larger sidewall to fill in the radius if your wheels are 20 inches. Excellent with comfort and Springs in mind.

Suitable for coilovers and with practical tire widths, 21-inch wheels are closer to filling the radius.

For individuals who want to smash the car with air suspension or Low Down Coilovers, 22-inch wheels are ideal.

Please take into account the tire size you want to use while choosing the right wheel diameter.

Here are examples of 20″, 21″, and 22″. Please see how the wheels’ radius compares to the arch’s radius.

2020 Lexus LC coupe: prices confirmed for updated flagship | Autocar


Example fitment and suspension types!

OEM Wheel Sizes –
F&R: 20×8.5 ET25 – You could easily use a 20mm spacer on the front and a 30mm on the rear if you wanted to keep OEM wheels but with a widened track!

Lexus LC - Wikipedia

OEM+ Wheel Sizes –
F: 20×9.5 ET25
R:20×10.5 ET25

Air Suspension (Tucked) –

F: 21/22 x9.5 ET+10
R:21/22 x11 ET+15

Lexus LC 500 with Airride and Avant Garde SR10 rims!

Liberty Walk Bodykit Size –

F: 20×10.5j-46 / 255/35-20

R: 20x12j-55 / 295/30-20

All images were found online, with thanks to ClubLexus, 326 Power, StanceNation, and Top Gear Magazine.

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