If You Love Fonts And Graphic Design, Go To A Classic Car Show

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Photo: Daniel Golson/Jalopnik

Convincing non-auto enthusiasts in your life to spend a few hours on the weekends at a car show may be challenging, particularly if the show starts early in the morning (even I struggle with that). The idea of spending even thirty minutes surrounded by vehicles you don’t care about and geeks being really irritating about them isn’t exactly attractive, as enticing as the drunken brunch with pals afterwards might be.

If your buddy or significant other enjoys graphic design or art in general, there is one approach to convince them to come to the auto show with you. Amazing badges, fonts, and logo designs adorn vintage cars, and it’s usually easy to tell what century and nation the car is from simply by looking at the nameplates. Numerous cars even have unique fonts designed specifically for that model, and even more recent cars feature amazing graphics.

There were a ton of amazing typographic examples at Macchinissima, a new car event in downtown Los Angeles that featured vintage Italian vehicles. Tell us in the comments what automobile insignia you love to wear and whether you can get your loved ones to appreciate cars from a new angle.

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