Gran Turismo 7 PSVR vs Reality Video Series Part 1: Mazda 3 – GTPlanet

Today, GTPlanet is introducing a brand-new video series in which we use the virtual reality features of Gran Turismo 7 to examine some of the game’s vehicles and contrast them with real-world examples.

In February 2023, Polyphony Digital released the largest update for GT7 since its release, adding complete game support for the new PlayStation VR2 device. This enables players to experience the complete game in virtual reality, from showroom to track, unlike the limited mode in Gran Turismo Sport.

Even the most ardent critics of the game commend it for being a feature that is truly transformational, as we noted in our review at the time, despite certain issues.

We were wondering how close the VR2 experience in the game was to the real thing after having our own GT7 experience with the PlayStation VR2. After all, we’ve spent some time behind the wheel of some of the game’s vehicles!

Fortunately, we have excellent working relationships with a number of automakers via their press offices, and several of them shared our curiosity on the real versus virtual comparison.

Naturally, the first name on the list was Mazda. As a brand partner of the Gran Turismo World Series, the company has some quite tight ties to Gran Turismo. In 2015, the Vision Gran Turismo vehicle had the distinct honor of being a part of the Goodwood Festival of Speed center exhibit, next to the illustrious 787B.

In an update released in March 2023, the current generation Mazda 3 hatchback was added to the game. For the first film in the series, Mazda UK kindly lent us a car that was added to their press fleet in August 2023 and had nearly the exact same specifications.

This allowed us to explore the car as much as possible in the VR Tour mode of the game and compare its details to those of the actual vehicle. Warning: there is a lot of closeness, as you can see in the video!

We hope you enjoy this movie and look forward to the next one, which is scheduled for late November. We have additional automobiles lined up for future videos in the series.

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