F1 News – Alpine reveal their 2024 challenger, the A524

The World Endurance Championship and Formula 1 vehicles were unveiled at Alpine’s Enstone facility, making them the most recent team to begin the season.

The team’s new Formula One challenger, the A524, will sport the same blue, pink, and black color scheme as their previous cars; however, this time, the black will be more noticeable on the vehicle. Additionally, the livery will be available in a second version, which will mostly be BWT pink, as it has for the past few years.

The alternate livery will be seen at eight races this season, in contrast to previous years when it was only visible during the opening few rounds.

Underneath its glossy exterior, the A524 is very different from its predecessor. According to Technical Director Mark Harman, “We have optimized the front suspension, redesigned the chassis, and added a new heat rejection system to give us more capacity to operate more efficiently at each event.”

Furthermore, we have finished a great deal of work on our brake system, namely on the thermal management of the brakes because there is still performance to be gained from the system’s ability to transfer heat.

Naturally, the floor is a major performance differentiator for these cars, so we’ve chosen to take a bold approach to its creation in order to cover a wide range of ideas and truly express ourselves. To control airflow at the front of the automobile, we have also modified the nose and front wing.

“The A524 approach has been aggressive but deliberate in that we are creating a wider scope to add performance to the car,” he said in summarizing the project. Rather than concentrating on outcomes, we have truly concentrated on learning and responding to what we have learned. The project has shown audacity by concentrating on bringing concepts to life that we hope to include into the vehicle. We have a solid foundation in place to add performance when it is possible, and we have goals in place to meet them.

For a second year, Alpine will continue to field an all-French driver lineup that included Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly. The two finished the previous season very equally matched, with only four points separating them and a best finish of P3. Once more, Jack Doohan will be the team’s backup driver.

Ocon declared, “It goes without saying that I am incredibly excited for the season and I can’t wait to get back in the car and go racing.” We get to see what the team has produced, which makes this time of year exciting. I’ve been on the simulator and seen sketches, but I haven’t, obviously, seen or experienced the entire thing yet.

That will have to wait until shakedown, but for the team, this is a wonderful moment because it represents the result of countless hours of labor. When a driver opens the pit limiter for the first time in a new car, it’s an exhilarating experience. With the A524 coming soon, that moment is almost here, and I am eager to begin going.

After a year with the team, Gasly feels much more comfortable starting this season than he did the previous one, and he hopes to be able to attack right away: “Compared to this time last year, I would say that I am in a much better situation right now.

“I am completely familiar with everyone I deal with, the procedures, and how to bring out the best in both myself and those around me. Building on the foundations we laid last year and maintaining continuity is a pleasant thing. I feel like I have a strong team surrounding me. Over the past year, everyone of us has grown. I am now sure that I can take the season head-on and help the club reach its greatest potential.

In addition, Alpine’s first hypercar, the A424, made its premiere during the double launch in advance of this month’s WEC testing. In the championship, they will field two cars, with Mick Schumacher, Nicolas Lapierre, and Matthieu Vaxiviere scheduled to drive the #36 car. In contrast, Paul-Loup Chatin, Ferdinand Habsburg, and Charles Milesi will be in the #35.

Bruno Famin, Alpine’s vice president of Motorsports and principal of the Alpine F1 Team, remarked, “It’s a great moment for Alpine Motorsports to come together and officially present its programs for the 2024 season.” “Having the A524 Formula 1 car and the A424 Hypercar, along with all the drivers, in the same room is definitely a unique moment as both projects get ready for what will surely be a busy and intense 2024 year.”

“To see both of the actual cars here today is a monument to the countless hours of labor put in by our thousands of skilled workers at our plants in France and the United Kingdom behind the scenes. Our next step is getting everything on track, implementing operational excellence everywhere, and developing a stronger dynamic and mindset among all of our staff. We are all eager to keep working hard to establish the success of the Alpine brand.

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