Accord And CR-V Hybrids Made Up 25 Percent Of Honda’s Total 2023 Sales

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Following the 2023 model year, Honda discontinued the Civic-based Insight, leaving the Accord and CR-V as its only available hybrid vehicles. It turns out that the two surviving hybrids are a big benefit for Honda despite the lack of model variety, as they accounted for 25% of the brand’s total U.S. sales in 2023.

In the United States, Honda sold 1,162,531 cars in 2023, up 32.4 percent over the previous year. The Accord lineup saw sales of 197,947 cars, while the CR-V was Honda’s best-selling crossover with 361,457 delivered. Out of the total number of Accords and CR-Vs sold, 559,404 were hybrid models, accounting for 293,640 of those sales. These electrified vehicles accounted for over 50% of sales for both automobiles and slightly over 25% of Honda’s total sales.

This isn’t shocking, though, because Honda designed the Accord and CR-V such that the hybrid models are the only ones available for most trim levels. While the Sport, Sport-L, and Sport Touring are only available as the hybrid model, the base LX and EX of the Accord are the only nonhybrid options, with the rest of the lineup featuring the hybrid powertrain. The entry-level LX and mid-range EX and EX-L of the CR-V are offered with a standard turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

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The CR-V hybrid delivers up to 40 mpg combined, compared to the turbo engine’s 30 mpg, making it significantly more efficient than the base model. Comparable results may be seen in the Accord, where the hybrid engine can attain up to 48 mpg combined, whereas the standard engine is limited to 32 mpg. This is a terrific approach to cut emissions across the board for the brand and model lineups. Take a look at the new Toyota Camry, which switching to hybrid power may save American drivers up to 48 million gallons of gas annually.

Additionally, a new hybrid Civic will be added to the lineup in 2024. Although the Civic hybrid’s price, fuel economy, and trim level are still unknown, it should be configured similarly to the Accord and CR-V. Honda sold 200,381 Civics in 2023—a 50% increase over 2022—and I wouldn’t be shocked if the new hybrid’s sales and take rates were on par with or higher than those of the Accord and CR-V.

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