A Closer Look At Rota Recce Wheels

Starkey walks us through the design elements of the Rota Recce, one of Rota’s original wheel models, as well as the available size and color variants that contribute to this wheel’s popularity.

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ABOUT Rota Wheels

Romeo Rojas established Rota in the Philippines in 1976. Since then, Rota has grown to be a significant supplier to a wide range of OEM producers and controls a sizable portion of the global market for aftermarket wheels. Rota is frequently regarded as the go-to low-cost wheel brand since it constantly produces robust, durable designs that look the part. You can always find a wheel to match the appearance of your automobile because to Rota’s capacity to produce wheels in big quantities quickly and effectively. Rota also constantly adds new styles to their already enormous range of performance wheels.

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