A Closer Look At Rota GTR-D Wheels

Starkey runs us through the design features of the Rota x Driftworks collab wheel, the Rota GTR-D, along with the available size options and colour choices that help make this such a popular wheel.

Check out all of the Rota GTR-D wheels at Driftworks.com.

ABOUT Rota Wheels

Back in 1976 Rota was founded in the Philippines by Romeo Rojas and over the years has become a major supplier to a whole host of OEM manufacturers along with having a huge market share of global sales for aftermarket wheels. Commonly seen as the go-to budget wheel brand, Rota consistently creates tough, hard-wearing designs that look the part. With the ability to create wheels on mass both fast and efficiently, Rota continues to add new styles to their already vast collection of performance wheels, meaning you can always find a wheel to suit the look of your car.

Driftworks are proud to be an official Rota wheels distributor. If you have any more questions please get in touch with our friendly sales team via email at shop@driftworks.com.

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