Here Are 8 Most Affordable Car Mods You Need To Do ASAP

Modifying and working on your car is one of the most satisfying experiences for any car enthusiast. With each mod, your car gets just a little bit better and once you get hooked on that feeling, there is no going back. Trust us, we’ve been there. 

Because we like performance and actual improvements, we have compiled a list of the 8 most affordable car mods that will actually enhance your driving experience and performance. 

And you know what’s best, we are actually ready to help. If you are new to cars, Artire Automotive is the shop to pick. Not only will we offer you advice, but we will also help you install these mods and welcome you into the car community. 

Here is our list of 8 Most Affordable Car Mods, stay with us! 

1. Air Filter 

Price: 30$ – 100$ (depends on the car) 

The original air filter on your car is usually made out of paper. It is cheap to produce and it does the job, it keeps the dirt out of your engine. However, your car’s air intake is significantly reduced as it struggles to take in air through a dense paper filter. 

Here’s where performance air filters come in. Not only do they provide you with some more power, but they will also last the lifetime of your vehicle. Aftermarket performance air filters are made out of oiled foam or cotton. One of the more popular

performance air filter manufacturers out there, K&N provides their buyers with a million-mile warranty! 

2. Lowering Springs 

Price: 95$ – 500$ (depends on the car and the brand of lowering springs) 

We already talked about coilovers and the various ways of lowering a car on our blog. If you are after an affordable way to lower your car and not only improve your car’s looks but also driving dynamics, lowering springs are the way to go! 

Handling is just as important if not more than power. Lowering springs make your car lower, which improves aerodynamics and looks. They make your car stiffer. This reduces the body roll in tight turns. Your car will not only be much more fun to drive, but it also enhances your safety. Lowering springs are a must. 

3. Brake Pads 

Price: 50$ – 500$ 

Going from 60-0 should be more important than going from 0-60. We get it. Spending money on brake pads is much less exciting than spending your dollars on something which will provide you with more power. 

Upgrading your braking system with a set of performance brake pads will provide you with immensely better braking performance and feel. Performance brake pads are made out of compounds that provide you with a better temperature range, meaning they will handle stress easily. 

Performance brake pads with the ECE R90 certification will work best on a street-legal car due to their good performance when cold and they will still be better at handling high temperatures than your OEM brake pads. 

4. A Set of Performance Tyres 

Price: 100$ – 300$ per tire (depending on the dimensions and brand/model) 

Tires. Repeat after us, tires. One of your first mods should be a set of good high-performance tires. 

We cannot stress enough how important are tires to the overall feel of the car and your safety. A set of good tires will literally improve all aspects of your car: accelerating, braking, and cornering. 

At Artire Automotive carry only the most trusted tire brands such as Falken, Bridgestone, Hankook, Toyo, BFGoodrich, and many more. Aside from on-hand inventory, we can order virtually any tire you may need for your car.

5. ECU Remap 

Price: 200$ – 1000$ (avoid the weirdly cheap places) 

If you just want to go faster, then look no further. An ECU remap is a procedure where specialist tweaks or replaces the software in your engine control unit (ECU). By doing this, the specialist adjusts the fuel injection, airflow, timing, and other parameters in an effort to increase your engine’s power. 

This is done without replacing any parts and even better, the process can be easily reversed if you ever decide to sell your car as stock. However, there are certain limitations. Without actually upgrading your car’s engine to handle that power, you can only tune up your engine to a degree where the engine’s long-term reliability is not affected. 

Make sure you get this procedure done by a certified specialist. 

6. Anti-Roll Bars 

Price: 200$ – 600$ 

Body roll is the term used to describe the leaning motion you feel when turning into a corner. Getting rid of excessive body roll is made easy by fitting a set of affordable anti-roll bars. 

Anti-roll bars are an easy way to gain stability, grip, and confidence when cornering. They reduce or change the behavior of your car in terms of understeering or oversteering and they are easily fitted to the standard suspension of your car. 

7. Wheels 

Price: 400$ – 5000$ 

You didn’t actually think we would forget about a sick set of wheels right? Lightweight alloy wheels are a staple modification and we think they should definitely be on your list. Not only will they dramatically change the way your car looks, but lighter wheels will also decrease your car’s overall weight making it faster and more nimble. 

8. Keeping Your Car Clean 

Price: priceless! 

While it is not technically a mod, it is definitely something that greatly elevates the look of your car. Not to mention it is often the most overlooked thing you can do. 

Cleaning your car on a regular basis will help protect and preserve your car’s paint job for years to come. When you take the time to really detail your car, you can also

notice all the small details that need fixing before they develop into a full-scale problem. 

If you are anything like us, cleaning your car is like a ritual. It is the time when you repay for all the beautiful moments your car has given you. We know, it sounds super romantic, but once you get to it, it is exactly like that. 

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