Understanding UK driving licence categories

There are a number of automobile classes for driving licences, every with totally different age and testing necessities. When you’ve got simply handed your check and obtained your licence, it’s possible you’ll be questioning which automobiles you’re legally ‘entitled’ to drive within the UK. For those who check out the again of your licence, you’ll see a desk with numbered columns. The codes and symbols in column 9 point out the forms of automobiles {that a} licence can cowl. Columns 10 and 11 present the licence begin and expiry dates for the automobiles that you’re permitted to make use of. You may be taught extra in regards to the numerous driving licence classifications and codes on this helpful information.

What sort of driving licence do I’ve?

Driver’s licence classes might be divided into 5 common teams: mopeds and bikes, automobiles and light-weight automobiles, vans and industrial automobiles, minibuses and buses, and a miscellaneous group for agricultural and army automobiles, for instance. Along with passenger automobiles, the usual automobile driving licence normally covers two-wheelers and three-wheeled automobiles with a most pace of 28 mph, in addition to tractors and pedestrian-controlled automobiles, nevertheless, it’s possible you’ll be required to endure extra coaching.

Driving licence classes

Mopeds and bikes

Minimal age requirement: 16 

* Obligatory Fundamental Coaching (CBT) required 

This class consists of two- or three-wheeled automobiles with a most pace of over 15.5 mph and fewer than 28 mph. It additionally consists of gentle quad bikes which have the identical most pace vary and an unladen mass of not more than 350 kg (not together with batteries for electrical bikes). 

Minimal age: 16

This implies you’ll be able to drive two-wheelers with a most pace of between 28 mph and 31 mph. The engine measurement can’t be greater than 50cc for automobiles with an inner combustion engine.

Minimal age: 16

For 2-wheeled or three-wheeled automobiles with out pedals. If powered by an inner combustion engine, the engine measurement should be not more than 50cc. The utmost pace should not exceed 15.5 mph.

Minimal age: 17

*CBT required

This class consists of light-weight bikes with an engine measurement of as much as 125cc and most energy output of 11kW. The ability-to-weight ratio needs to be no larger than 0.1kW/kg. An A1 licence additionally means that you can drive motorised tricycles with a most energy output of 15kW.

Minimal age: 19

* CBT required

An A2 bike licence means that you can drive motorbikes with an influence output of 35kW or much less and a most power-to-weight ratio of 0.2kW/kg. When you’ve got this licence, you’re additionally entitled to drive A1 automobiles. Along with these necessities, the bike should not be derived from a automobile with greater than double its energy.

Minimal age: 24 (or 21 with Progressive Entry)

*CBT, principle and sensible check required

This class is for top pace motorbikes with an influence output higher than 35kW. Class A licence holders can function any bike with any measurement engine.

Automobiles and light-weight automobiles

* Minimal age for this class group: 17 

This licence means that you can function gentle 4-wheeled motor automobiles as much as 400kg unladen or 550kg in the event that they’re designed for carrying items.

The ‘entitlements’ for class B licence holders fluctuate relying on when the individual handed their check. 

For those who handed your check earlier than 1 January 1997, you’ll be able to drive a automobile and trailer mixture with a most authorised mass (MAM) of 8,250kg. Your licence additionally means that you can drive a minibus with a trailer over 750kg MAM.

For those who handed your driving check on or after 1 January 1997, you’ll be able to drive automobiles with an MAM of as much as 3,500kg and as much as 8 passenger seats (and a trailer as much as 750kg).You even have the choice to tow heavier trailers so long as the full MAM of the automobile and trailer isn’t larger than 3,500kg.

This implies you’ll be able to drive class B automobiles however solely these with an automated transmission.

This class means you’re in a position to drive a automobile with a trailer. The load restrictions for it will rely upon the ‘legitimate from’ date on the licence. If the date is earlier than 19 January 2013, you’ll be able to tow any trailer throughout the automobile’s towing capability. Licences legitimate on or after 19 January 2013, let you tow a trailer with an MAM of as much as 3,500kg throughout the towing capability of the automobile

Vans and industrial automobiles

Minimal age: 18

This code means you’ll be able to drive medium-sized automobiles with an MAM between 3,500 and seven,500kg with a trailer (as much as 750kg).

Minimal age: 18

This implies you’re allowed to drive C1 automobiles with a trailer weighing over 750kg. The whole MAM should not be extra than12,000kg.

Minimal age: 21

A class C licence means that you can drive heavy industrial automobiles over 3,500 kg with a trailer (as much as 750 kg MAM).

Minimal age: 21

CE licence holders are permitted to drive any C class automobile with a trailer that weighs over 750kg.

Minibuses and buses

Minimal age: 21

The D1 class consists of minibuses with not more than 16 passenger seats and a most size of 8 metres. You’re additionally allowed to tow a trailer (as much as 750kg).

Minimal age: 21

This consists of all D1 automobiles however means that you can tow a trailer that weighs above 750kg. Nonetheless, the mixed MAM should not be greater than 12,000kg. 

Minimal age: 24

A class D licence classification means that you would be able to drive any bus with greater than 8 passenger seats in addition to tow a trailer (as much as 750kg).

Minimal age: 24

You may drive any D class automobile and tow a trailer that weighs over 750kg. 


  • f – agricultural tractors
  • G – Street rollers
  • H – Tracked automobiles
  • ok – pedestrian automobiles or mowing machines
  • l – Electrically-propelled automobiles
  • M – Trolley automobiles

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