Young drivers putting off car repairs in bid to save money

Car maintenance

According to new study, more than a third of drivers aged 17 to 24 (37%) put off critical vehicle repairs in an effort to reduce their outgoings as the cost-of-living crisis strikes.

According to the 2022 RAC Report on Motoring, over a fifth of young people (16%) are delaying important repairs, which might include repairing a handbrake or a damaged windscreen.

However, a whopping 28% put off other maintenance, such as correcting small oil leaks or replacing brake discs.

Furthermore, young drivers are more than twice as likely (37%) as the average (14%) to have purposefully delayed having any repair work completed, with those who drive cars older than 10 years (19%) and live in town or city center areas (25%) also significantly more likely to put work off.

Surprisingly, drivers of all ages are more likely to postpone repairs in order to save money than they are to limit the frequency with which their vehicles are serviced or switch to a cheaper insurer.

Only one-tenth of all drivers (9%) say they are maintaining their vehicles less frequently, while 13% have a cheaper insurance policy and 14% have put off getting repairs done.

“Without question, putting off vehicle repairs or skipping routine servicing are both false economies, but these figures show in all-too-stark terms just how many drivers, especially younger ones, feel they have to do this to lower their spending in the face of rising prices,” a spokesman for the RAC said.

“The fact that more than a third of young drivers are delaying getting their vehicles fixed to save money is actually a foreshadowing of future unwelcome – and potentially much larger – garage bills.”

“What’s more, not getting work done on a car increases the chances of it failing a driver, potentially making it less safe.”

“And as the average age of cars on our roads is getting older due to fewer people trading up to new cars, it looks as though many of them will also be in a poorer overall state of repair which is bad news for everyone using the roads.”

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