Winter tyres ‘aren’t a priority’ for UK drivers

Audi RS 3: dancing in the snow

According to recent Audi UK research, only one in every five UK drivers believes it is necessary to switch their vehicles to winter tyres.

Winter tyres are required in many nations and regions around Europe during the winter months, but there is no legal necessity to put them in the UK.

However, according to the report, which coincides with Road Safety Week, 61% of UK drivers have no intentions to switch to winter tires this year.

The lack of legal obligation persuaded 44% of poll respondents to forego the enhanced safety and protection that winter tyres provide, while the impact on operating costs of purchasing and maintaining an additional set of tyres threw a wrench in the works for 40% of respondents.

Furthermore, for 22% of participants, the possible problems associated with keeping the wheels and/or tyres out of season was the biggest deterrent.

“The safety benefits of winter wheels and tyres are considerable from temperatures below 7°C – regularly seen in the UK as the winter months roll in,“ says Audi UK’s James Allitt.

“Our research highlights misconceptions among UK drivers about their merits, and also understandable concerns about the cost and inconvenience of ownership, and I hope we’ve gone some way towards addressing these misconceptions.

“Fundamentally, though, I firmly believe that any driver able to make the switch to winter tyres won’t ever regret doing so when they feel the difference they can make.”

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