Why You Should Update TPMS Tools Regularly

Picture this: Christian, an experienced tire service technician, is on the phone with a technical support representative from his shop’s TPMS supplier, inquiring on why the new sensors his shop has don’t seem to work properly with the vehicle he’s servicing. Christian was caught with an un-updated TPMS tool. In this Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio video, we talk about the importance of regularly updating TPMS tools at your shop.

Recent surveys show that around 35% of technicians haven’t updated their TPMS tool software in the past year. In today’s fast-paced auto industry, it’s very important for tire service experts to keep up with the latest advancements.

By updating TPMS tools, your shop can help prevent running into issues with new vehicle compatibility, and you’ll be able to address any potential software updates or glitches thanks to your enhanced diagnostic abilities.

Fresh vehicle models and variations from automakers often come with enhanced TPMS capabilities and distinct sensor protocols. If your shop’s TPMS programming tool isn’t updated, it might struggle to communicate properly with newer vehicles and could result in incorrect measurements, misleading alerts and the inability to identify problems.

While updating your TPMS tools, bug fixes and improvements target software glitches or inaccuracies in programming. For instance, vehicle qualifiers that are visible in the TPMS tool’s vehicle selection menu could be added to address multiple sensor options within the same model year.

You also gain access to the newest diagnostic codes, troubleshooting steps and repair guidance needed for the newest model vehicles. This means you can accurately pinpoint TPMS-related problems like faulty sensors or parts that aren’t working right, leading to quicker and more effective solutions.

TPMS tool manufacturers suggest that you check for updates about once a month. Keeping up with updates guarantees that you, as a technician, have the latest and greatest tools, features and compatibility with different vehicles, boosting how effective you and the tool can be.

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