Watch out for deer as mating season approaches

Deer crossing road - GEM Motoring Assist

Organization for road safety As the deer breeding season approaches, GEM Motoring Assist is cautioning drivers to exercise additional caution in regions where deer are abundant.

Deer are more mobile than usual in the upcoming weeks (the breeding season lasts until early November), which increases the likelihood of crashes.

Experts estimate that there are over two million deer in the UK, but National Highways data indicates that about 75,000 of them are killed in car crashes year, 10,000 of them instantaneously.

Between 10 and 20 people lose their lives in deer crashes each year, and the industry estimates that the cost of car damage alone is at least £17 million.

Neil Worth, the CEO of GEM, stated, “We encourage drivers to be extra vigilant, especially as the mornings and evenings get darker.” “Be prepared to react appropriately if you spot a deer on the road ahead.

“In places where deer are numerous, periods of peak deer activity tend to occur at dawn and nightfall, coinciding with the morning and evening rush hour, increasing collision risks.”

Six simple tips for drivers to reduce risk from deer collisions

  1. Pay attention to deer warning signals. These are positioned in areas where encounters with wild animals are frequent, so slow down and be prepared to run into a deer at any time.
  2. When deer are most active, which is at dawn and dusk, be extra cautious.
  3. Don’t rush and think the danger is over just because you see one animal; there may be others behind.
  4. Keep in mind how crucial it is to always be able to stop, on your side of the road, at the distance that appears to be unobstructed ahead. However, be prepared to act if a deer suddenly appears in front of you.
  5. Although it is ideal to avoid all collisions, swerving to avoid a deer could be extremely risky if it causes a collision with another car.
  6. If you strike a deer, pull over to a safe location and call the police so they can arrange for expert veterinary care.

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