Ultra limited edition Alpine A110 R Fernando Alonso



Alpine A110 R Fernando Alonso

Last week, the Alpine A110 R road car’s wildest form was shown off. Alpine now has a new limited version that was made with F1 legend Fernando Alonso.

There are only going to be 32 of the special performance model made. That’s how many Grand Prix wins the two-time winner has.

The “Alpine A110 R Fernando Alonso” looks and handles a little differently, and it only comes in Racing Matte Blue, the same color as Alonso’s present Alpine A522 race car.

Alpine A110 R Fernando Alonso

The A110 R’s carbon fiber parts that weren’t sprayed before now have a new paint job all over them. There are more black details and orange brake calipers all around the car. The door panels have a flag with blue, orange, and yellow stripes on them. The seats have Fernando Alonso’s name sewn into them.

For the Alonso version, the unique adjustment system makes it simple and quick to change both how stiff the suspension is and how high the body of the car is.

For track-only use, put a shim at the base of the spring to move it and lower the car by 10 mm. There are only a few quick and easy steps needed to do this.

Alpine A110 R Fernando Alonso

This time, the punishment is also 5% harder. Alpine has filed a patent for a new idea that will make it easy for fans to get to track settings that Fernando Alonso has accepted on Barcelona’s F1 course.

There is a plaque on the middle console that has the name of a race that Alonso won and the year it happened. Fans will love the tribute plates, which are named from 1 to 32 based on when they were made. They make them even more unique and will make fans very happy.

People who buy one of the special models will get an imitation race helmet that Fernando Alonso has signed.

Alpine A110 R Fernando Alonso


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