Treads Partners with Anyline for Enhanced Car Management

Anyline has teamed with Treads, an AI-powered auto management subscription, to provide more mobile data capturing and analysis options within the Treads mobile app to its car owners. Treads debuted in May 2021 and has since expanded into 21 major US markets, serving over 4,000 clients with subscriptions for tires, oil changes, alignments, and wiper blades, as well as a full auto insurance marketplace.

“Anyline Tread Depth Scanner is cutting-edge technology that no one else has delivered to the market in a reliable way,” said Treads CEO Zach Olson. “We’ve seen rapid growth as a company and attribute it all to our AI technology-first approach.”

Treads’ mobile software for automobile owners, which uses both iOS and Android interfaces, now includes the Anyline Tread Depth Scanner. In the next months, Anyline and Treads will expand their use of the former’s array of automobile scan technologies.

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