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According to recent statistics from RAC Charge Watch, the price of quickly charging an electric vehicle has increased by an astounding 50% in just eight months.

Pay-as-you-go rapid charging currently averages 70.32p per kilowatt hour, up from 63.29p in September of last year and 44.55p in May of last year.

Drivers now pay £36 to charge a typical family-sized electric car with a 64kWh battery to its 80% quick or ultra-rapid capacity, which is enough to go 188 miles. The increases are the result of significant increases in the wholesale cost of power.

Volvo C40 Recharge

This is more than twice as expensive as charging the identical car at home, something many EV drivers are unable to do. Even with record-high domestic energy costs, this charge would only cost £17.87.

The cost of utilizing the quickest ultra-rapid chargers, which can charge numerous cars in a short period of time and have power outputs of over 100kW, is currently 74.79p per kilowatt hour, up from 50.97p in May 2022 (47%) and 63.94p in September.

Drivers who use these chargers now pay £38.29 for an 80% charge, a significant £20.42 more than those who are fortunate enough to charge their vehicles entirely at home.

In other words, drivers who use the rapid public charging network presently pay far more than those who use slower chargers. This is generally because they need to recharge on a longer trip or are attempting to charge up quickly since they can’t do so at home or work.

Filling up with petrol

On longer trips, it may be more expensive for an EV driver to quickly refill than it is for a petrol or diesel vehicle.

Drivers who use rapid chargers now pay 20p per mile for electricity, just one penny less than those who use ultra-rapid chargers, which are less prevalent and cost 21p per mile.

These costs are comparable to those for a diesel vehicle that achieves the same economy (20p per mile), but they are more than the corresponding per-mile charge for a petrol vehicle that gets 40 miles per gallon (17p).

“It’s critical that the numbers add up for drivers to move to electric cars in large numbers. The list price of new electric vehicles will decline over time, but fast charging must also be as inexpensive as feasible, according to RAC EV spokesperson Simon Williams.



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