Sullivan Tire Opens Two New Locations

Two new locations for Sullivan Tire and Auto Service have just been opened in Concord, New Hampshire, and Hampden, Maine. The locations in Concord and Hampden are retail centers that were purchased from Gill’s Point S Auto & Tire respectively. Both locations welcomed visitors on September 11 and are currently providing services.

Twenty full-time employees will work at Sullivan Tire’s 40,000 square foot Hampden plant to serve the firm’s wholesale clients in Central and Northern Maine, the company said.

In addition to nine retail bays, Sullivan Tire said its new Concord store will offer a complete line of tires and tire repair for commercial vehicles. This facility will be renovated over the coming months, however it will be open during that time.

In order to maintain the regional connections already made, Sullivan Tire will keep Gill’s Point S’s staff on board.

“We are thrilled to announce these new facilities as we continue to strategically grow our retail, commercial, and wholesale footprint throughout New England,” said Paul Sullivan, vice president of marketing at Sullivan Tire.

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