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Organization of breakdowns and road safety As further wintry weather arrives in the UK, GEM Motoring Assist advises motorists to exercise additional caution.

When there is ice on the roads, it is foggy, or it is snowing, driving is more difficult and dangerous. GEM is urging drivers to plan ahead and be prepared to postpone trips if required.

Here are some quick safety advice for people who must travel to lower the likelihood of risk, delay, and difficulty – and to avoid adding to the load on emergency services and breakdown services, which are likely to be stretched to the limit in winter weather.

If you don’t absolutely need to drive, don’t. Postponing your trip is the simplest approach to prevent problems brought on by the winter weather.
If you must travel, make sure your vehicle is prepared for the weather forecast. That’s because you’ll probably have to wait longer for assistance if you do encounter a breakdown. Get your automobile checked up for the winter, or at the very least make sure the battery is in good condition.
As the weather changes, pay attention and adjust your trip plans.
Before you leave, make sure that all of the windows, including the windscreen, are totally free of snow and ice. Wipe your license plate and lights down as well.
Prepare a list of necessities to bring with you, such as a shovel, a mobile phone that is fully charged, a torch, an ice scraper, food, water, jumper cables, a first aid kit, warm clothing, and a supply of sand or gravel to help you maintain control if your wheels start to spin.
Keep your speeds low, give snowplows and gritter trucks plenty of room, reduce your speed when driving in the winter, and be prepared for sudden, quick changes in the weather.
Keep in mind that driving in such weather requires a lot of effort. You’re likely to tire considerably more quickly than under less demanding circumstances. Therefore, be careful to include pauses in your travel plans.

“Having a strategy in place that enables you to cancel a trip or transfer to public transportation makes sense. If a meeting or visit is not necessary, agree to reschedule it, said Neil Worth, the chief executive of GEM.

By doing so, you’ll protect yourself from a lot of possible trouble and prevent adding to the load on the rescue and recovery teams, who will undoubtedly be stretched to the limit in the days ahead.

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