Repairify, Autel Highlight Upcoming Partnership Releases

They talked about the big steps forward they took in their relationship in 2023 and what they want to do in 2024. Repairify and Autel said that with Repairify’s remote services and OEM tool scans added to the Autel Remote Expert platform, it made the work flow and paperwork easier in shops that fix cars and glass. It is now possible to get this combination on Autel MaxiSYS Ultra series tablets and MaxiFlash XLink standalone communication devices. The companies say it makes things run more smoothly by reducing the number of tools that need to be used in the shop for events like diagnostics, calibrations, and programming.

Repairify and Autel also put out adaThink this summer for Autel users. Based on scan results, this app let accident and glass shops know ahead of time what tweaks the cars needed.

This is what Autel and Repairify said they were going to share in the first quarter of 2024:

  • . asTech insights, which will give shops repair suggestions for each car based on the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) found during the pre-repair scan;
  • Fixify the growth of the remote service, which will let the Remote Expert Platform handle both dynamic and static calibrations;
  • Autel has made new Repairify calibration tools for the next generation that can be used in shops and by mobile express providers.

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