Kumho Road Venture AT52 “Road and Trail Review”

All-Terrain. When it comes to the demands imposed on this category of tires, the name pretty well says it all. This merely touches the surface of what an All-Terrain tire is intended to achieve when compared to an All-Season tire, which must function consistently on the road in the warmest summers and the coldest winters, through rain and even light snow.

With the Road Venture AT52, Kumho’s newest truck and SUV tire, the needs of the All-Season tire consumer are met together with those of enthusiasts and tradespeople who also need the ability to travel off-road and through bad weather, including thick snow.

We’ll be testing Kumho’s newest all-terrain vehicle today to determine if it can travel “All-Ways” and in all terrains. We’ll begin by evaluating its off-road traction on this challenging track.

When a tire is intended to crawl over jagged rocks or carry big loads, durability is a crucial factor. To ensure cut-and-chip resistance and improved tread life, the tire composition in the Road Venture AT52 combines a complex structure carbon black and an ideal polymer blend ratio. With a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty for light truck and flotation sizes and a 55,000-mile treadwear warranty for metric sizes, Kumho backs the durability of the AT52.

When the trails are wet or snowy, the AT52’s tread design is built to drain water and slush while still digging deeply in mud and sand.

When we examine these tread blocks more closely, we can observe the extensive zigzag siping that allows the AT52 achieve the severe snow service grade required by the industry and display the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake insignia. To ensure optimal stability and an on-center feeling when the path stops and the highway begins, the center tread blocks also feature an interlocking design.

The Road Venture AT52 will transport you there comfortably whether you’re traveling on the interstate between campgrounds or going to work. The vehicle occupants are shielded from road noise and unpleasant harmonics by the 5-pitch block variation on the shoulder lugs and a balanced void ratio. Additionally, tie-bars are used on the shoulder lugs to increase rigidity, enhance steering feel, and boost cornering confidence.

But let’s not forget that when it comes to tires made for off-roading enthusiasts, performance isn’t everything. Customers also consider aesthetics when choosing All-Terrain tires, and Kumho has met this need with an aggressive side biter design that not only enhances durability and grip on uneven ground, but also harmonizes with the design of contemporary off-road vehicles. The shoulder lugs come together to form a mountain top, just like the mountains of snow Jeep owners park on when doing their holiday shopping, as another homage to the uncharted terrain the AT52 conquers.

Kumho’s Road Venture AT52 definitely ticks all the boxes for a tire that’s meant to go with you, always. It has striking good looks, excellent highway comfort and safety, and the capacity to keep going when the going gets tough.

Visit kumhotireusa.com to view the full size lineup and investigate Kumho’s product line to determine if the Road venture AT52 is the best option for your client or your own vehicle.

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