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Isuzu D-Max

Isuzu, a pickup truck manufacturer, has located a D-Max with almost 350,000 kilometers on it.

The UK division of the Japanese company held a contest to determine which D-Max had the highest mileage. A 2014 D-Max Eiger 2.5TD, which is still in daily use, was the winner with 351,364 miles. That equates to 43,750 miles annually on average.

The D-Max was bought brand-new from Bob Gerard Isuzu in Leicester. It is actually owned by Aston Melton Mowbray, a local Vauxhall dealer, and is utilized for automobile delivery and pickup around the country.

Highest mileage Isuzu D-Max

Its original engine and manual gearbox are still in good working order; the only significant repair, aside from routine maintenance and replacement parts, was a new rear differential in 2021.

“The Isuzu D-Max became the obvious choice when the business was looking for a vehicle capable of towing 3.5-tonnes on a daily basis back in 2012,” stated James Jeal of Aston Melton Mowbray. “We wanted something that would not only do the job but also prove to be the most cost-effective for the business.”

“Having reliable cars is crucial for us when it comes to vehicle deliveries, and the D-Max has proven to be an excellent choice for our company. In fact, we selected an Isuzu D-Max once more when we needed to add another tow vehicle to our fleet.”

“Isuzu is renowned for the durability and robustness of its pick-up and this truck is a living testament to that reputation,” said Brian Wheeler, Product Manager at Isuzu UK. It is amazing to see a car with this mileage being used for towing on a daily basis and still being a dependable workhorse for the company it serves.


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