Is charging a smartphone faster than an EV?



Peugeot e-208

Peugeot has released fresh research showing that charging an electric car takes half as long as charging an iPhone.

The French automaker looked at how long it takes to charge an average EV (based on the best-selling models in the UK) vs more commonplace options that you could wait to charge as part of its effort to dispel myths about EVs.

Peugeot EV charging comparison

Naturally, charging an electric car takes a lot longer than stopping at a gas station, but according to the study, you can still charge an EV faster than a phone, MacBook, or tablet.

A 150kW charger can quickly charge an electric car to 20–80% capacity in approximately 31 minutes. It would take more than an hour if we were to compare the equivalent charge for a phone.

Peugeot says that when you consider the size difference, the speed at which EVs can charge in comparison to other everyday devices is rather amazing.

Peugeot e-208

Peugeot used data from the Department for Transport’s 2020 analysis of the top 16 electric vehicles sold in the United Kingdom to develop the average EV profile. The DfT’s 2020 Top 10 bestselling selling cars list was used to determine the average gasoline and diesel vehicle.



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