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Hot Wheels Legends Tour winner

The UK winner of a competition to find a real-life enthusiast-owned car to turn into a die-cast toy model is a 1963 Ford Anglia with a supercharged BMW engine that was made by a former estate agent.

Sheryl Crow, Ian Callum, Jonny Smith, and Hot Wheels Legends Tour host Alex Kersten chose “The Misfit,” a song that people often sing on the road to make other people laugh.

The car beat more than 100 other entries to represent the UK in the global Hot WheelsTM Legends Tour and make a case for itself as a 1:64 scale die-cast in the 2023 lineup.

Fans chose “The Misfit” as their favorite building at this year’s event. It was built by Michael Charalambous and wasn’t finished until 2022, after one last push during COVID Lockdown.

Hot Wheels Legends Tour winner Michael Charalambous

Michael isn’t an engineer by trade, but he set out to build and restore a number of cars with the goal of trading up to his dream car, a Ferrari 308GTB. He did this because he has an amazing attention to detail and wants to buy his dream car.

He spent hundreds of hours working on the Ford Anglia, which is his biggest job. He bought a bad body shell and fixed it up.

“The Misfit” cleverly combines old and new custom trends and parts. It has a four-cylinder engine that has been supercharged and a drivetrain from an E30 BMW. It is placed on a custom chassis made from parts from Ford and Hillman Imp.

Michael said, “My dream car was one that, if you pulled up at the lights, you would never pull up next to something similar.”

The game Hot Wheels was a big influence on what we made, giving us ideas for things like the open engine and wheels. I often wondered how Hot Wheels would do it, so winning is really amazing.

The “Anglia” will now race against cars in the Semi-Finals on November 10th. The Global Final will be held on November 12th.




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