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Motorists should do their research ahead of their Easter city breaks to avoid serious ‘short stay’ parking pain.

Research by car breakdown cover service, Start Rescue, found that visitors to Leeds and Liverpool could pay an astonishing £135 for eight hours in short stay rail car parks.

So, the advice is to plan ahead, fully research the long-term options and resist the temptation to simply grab a city centre spot.

The third most expensive owned car park for the same eight-hour period is in London’s Knightsbridge, but even when factoring in any additional Congestion Charge and ULEZ costs, this still works out £47.50 cheaper than Liverpool and Leeds.

Highest rates to park your vehicle for eight hours:

Liverpool – £135
Leeds – £135
London – £60
Manchester – £45
Edinburgh – £35.95
Birmingham – £33.95
Oxford – £31.50
York – £30
Cardiff – £29.95
Bristol – £26.95

“Long stay car parks and some of the excellent ‘park and ride’ options are always considerably cheaper even if they are not right next to the gallery, restaurant or museums you are planning to visit,” said Lee Puffett, Managing Director of Start Rescue.

“Some of these charges are hefty even by short-term standards and are not going to make anyone’s holiday.

“Additionally, many car parks are now cashless, so it’s advisable to download the app and ensure payment instructions are understood in advance if you can.”

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