Enliten Tires to be Used at Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

Bridgestone will be supplying teams at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (BWSC) with tires developed using 63% recycled and renewable materials. The tires, which the company says are custom-designed to meet the unique challenges of the 3,000 kilometers across Australia, mark the first use of the company’s new Enliten technology in motorsport competition.

Bridgestone said the Enliten-equipped tires supplied to the BWSC were designed to help teams meet the “extreme demands during the 3000km event,” including low rolling resistance, wear and weight. Bridgestone said it will customize tires based on the needs of the teams to demonstrate the new Enliten technology and capabilities of the tires. Bridgestone said it will further develop and deliver Enliten technology-equipped tires customized for customers through motorsport and conventional tires.

The tires that Bridgestone is providing will include a tire with a recycled and renewable material ratio (MCN – Material Circularity Number) of 63%. The company said recycled and renewable materials used in the development of these tires include recycled organic fiber, recovered carbon black, recycled rubber chemical, recycled oil and reinforcement material using recycled steel. Additionally, the tires supplied to the cruiser class were developed using rice husk silica and carbon black recovered through the pyrolysis of used tires.

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