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According to recent study, around a third of drivers of electric vehicles also operate a gasoline or diesel car.

Furthermore, according to information from the top EV charge point mapping firm Zap-Map, ‘dual fuel’ drivers choose electric for the great majority of their trips.

For local daily trips like driving to the store, running errands, or eating out, electric vehicles are most likely to be preferred; 85% of dual fuel drivers will opt for an EV in these situations.

These drivers use their EVs for commuting 71% of the time, and 67% of them will continue to drive electric for trips longer than 100 miles.

A majority of 55% will leave the ICE (internal combustion engine) car at home, even for UK-based vacations that are expected to require lengthy cross-country trips dependent on the public charging network.

According to the annual Zap-Map EV Charging Survey, 2% of EV owners or regular users possess or regularly use one battery electric and one plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, while 49% drive just one totally electric vehicle.

Furthermore, 25% of drivers combine ICE and battery-electric vehicles, while the remaining drivers mix battery-electric, plug-in hybrid, and/or ICE vehicles.

Electric car satisfaction is still higher than that of gasoline and diesel vehicles. Compared to 90% of drivers who would not consider switching to a conventional automobile, less than 2% of EV drivers desire to go back to using gasoline or diesel.

According to the study, battery-electric vehicle happiness is 89%, compared to 71% for gasoline and diesel vehicles, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle satisfaction is 83%.

Since our survey began several years ago, it has become clear that once you switch to electric, you never go back, according to Melanie Shufflebotham, COO & Co-Founder of Zap-Map.

“This year, we went further to demonstrate that drivers who haven’t fully given up on their conventional vehicle nevertheless opt to drive an electric vehicle. Even for those lengthy cross-country drives where a charge stop is probably required.

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