Driving home for Christmas? Survey reveals your travel plans

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Over 75% of British people will depend on their automobile throughout the holiday season, per recent Honda UK data.

The results of the 2,000-person poll also showed that the most frequent number of trips we plan to do is between four and six (35%), with fewer than fifty miles (29%), being covered.

Over the Christmas and New Year period, people in Northern Ireland will depend on their cars the most (94%), followed by people in the East Midlands, the South West, and Yorkshire and the Humber (each at 85%). With only 28% of people using cars throughout the holiday season, Londoners are expected to be the least dependent on them.

According to the research, people prefer to travel in groups. Only 11% of those polled said they would be traveling alone over the holiday season, while more than two-thirds (70%) will have a partner, friend, or child(ren) with them in the car.

Families get together to celebrate with gifts, food, and drinks over Christmas and the New Year. But first, everything needs to be loaded into the automobile. The most popular items to pack are shown in the table below.

Travelling With: Percentage Of Surveyed Brits
Presents 64%
Food 47%
Shopping 47%
Alcohol 37%
Pets 24%

In keeping with the holiday season, 26% of respondents said they would be driving while listening to a Christmas playlist. A Christmas playlist is listened to by over half of Gen Z’s 18 to 24-year-olds (52%) on their car rides, making them the group most likely to appreciate a festive soundtrack.

Surprisingly, 14% of poll participants acknowledged having arguments with relatives while on the road over the holiday season.

The top five passenger activities are as follows:

Passenger Activities Percentage Of Surveyed Brits
Listening to the radio 60%
Listening to a Christmas playlist 26%
Listening to a streaming service 24%
Arguing with the family 14%
Playing car games 9%

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