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Filling up with petrol

This Christmas is predicted to be the most expensive ever on the roads due to record-high prices for both gasoline and diesel over the holiday season.

The average cost of gasoline is currently 152.96p per liter, 7p more than it was on December 22, 2021 (145.66p), according to the RAC.

But diesel is shockingly 27p more expensive on the country’s forecourts now at 175.75p than it was a year ago (148.95p), making this the most expensive Christmas ever for drivers.

A family visiting family and friends this Christmas will now pay approximately £4 more for a gas tank (£84) than they did the previous Christmas (£80). For owners of diesel cars, the situation worsens as a fill-up now costs about £97, which is about £15 more than it did in 2017 (£82).

This Christmas shouldn’t be as hard on drivers’ wallets as it is, though, as the wholesale price of gasoline has unsettlingly decreased to just 106p per litre—the same price as it was at this time last year.

What’s even more worrisome is that this year’s pricing includes the government’s 5p gasoline duty rebate, which was put in place in March to mitigate the effects of growing fuel prices brought on by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

At 126p a litre, diesel is now only 14p more expensive at wholesale than it was just before Christmas (112p).

The average price of diesel should be around 160p, or 13p, less than it is now, and the average price of gasoline should be about 138p, or 15p, cheaper than it is now, according to RAC figures.

“The four major supermarket chains, who hold a dominant position in the UK fuel retail industry, have steadfastly declined to considerably reduce their forecourt prices in line with the notable decline in wholesale fuel prices they are currently experiencing,” said Simon Williams, a spokesperson for RAT fuel.

“Many smaller independent retailers are charging significantly less for their fuel than the supermarkets in this strange situation that we find ourselves in.”

“We implore the supermarkets to appropriately reduce the cost of gasoline and diesel so that drivers can enjoy the Christmas gift they deserve.”

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