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David Franklin with his new Fiat 500 Electric

A former Fiat employee is still dedicated to the Italian brand, nearly 60 years after purchasing his first model.

David Franklin from Buckinghamshire has just taken delivery of a fully-electric new Fiat 500 (RED) edition, making him quite possibly the world’s most loyal car owner.

The 84-year-old began his working life at Fiat as a car tester, before becoming a keen racing driver, competing in off-road production car trials across the country.

He met his wife Michela, now also 84, while working at Fiat and later used a Fiat 2300 Estate as their wedding car.

David estimates he has clocked up more than 600,000 miles behind the wheel of a Fiat – and hasn’t finished yet. His top three most loved cars are the new 500, the Multipla and 850 Coupe.

David Franklin with one of his 55 Fiat cars

“Having driven Fiats consistently for nearly 60 years, it is very hard to say just how many miles both myself and my family have covered in a Fiat,” said David.

“However, up until Covid, myself and Michela would drive to Italy at least once every year, sometimes twice when the kids were younger.

“That’s before you take into account all the miles I’d have travelled for business and competing in motoring competitions.”

On his experience of owning an electric car David said: “The electric 500 is like all Fiats, great fun to drive. It’s very quiet, handles incredibly well and is very quick off the mark – sometimes my glasses end up on the back seat! I am sold on the idea of electric cars now.”

List of Fiats (by model) owned by David

Uno Turbo
Lancia Thema Turbo
850 Idroconvert
850 Coupe
124 Estate
131 (2 door)
131 (4 door)
132 Argenta
2300 Estate
Hot Uno 55S
Tipo 16 Valve
Coupe Turbo 5 Cylinder
Lancia Dedra Turbo
Coupe. 5 cylinder
500X Sport
500 Electric (RED) Edition

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