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According to a study done by Apollo Tyres with only 6% of UK drivers, it is possible to precisely estimate a tire’s load rating.

Because the load rating indicates the maximum weight of the vehicle that may be used the tyre safely, selecting a tire with an improper load rating could harm the vehicle’s performance and efficiency as well as its safety.

Modern electric vehicles (EVs), which are frequently significantly heavier than alternatives powered by conventional internal combustion engines, make it even more important for consumers to select a suitable tyre.

11% of men and just 3% of women could identify the load rating label on a tire, according to a survey of 1,000 drivers.

Additionally, only 14% of drivers are aware that in order for an electric car to run safely and effectively, the tires frequently need to be filled to higher pressures.

This proportion falls to just 6% for drivers aged 55 to 64, and rises to 52% for those between the ages of 18 and 24. It’s significant that only 38% of EV drivers now fit into this category.

Tire inflation rates need to be adjusted for each vehicle in order to maintain the highest levels of grip, traction, and rolling resistance.

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According to Yves Pouliquen of Apollo Tyres, “as Europe moves toward the widespread adoption of EVs, the need to educate consumers about the critical importance of load rating compatibility and the requirement to maintain proper inflation rates is becoming even more important.”

Both before and after the point of purchase, education is essential. Naturally, EV owners want to extend their range when driving, but under-inflation can significantly increase rolling resistance, which leads to inefficient use of energy.

Vredestein passenger car tires are available from Apollo Tyres in a variety of sizes to fit both ICE and EVs. The Vredestein Quatrac Pro EV, the first exclusively designed EV tire from Apollo Tyres, was introduced in November 2022. The new Quatrac Pro EV is not only the first all-season EV tire on the market, but it is also the first EV tire with ‘High Load’ (HL) certification (255/40 R 20 type), highlighting its appropriateness for large all-electric cars and SUVs.

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