Atturo SXS Tires Chosen by Polaris Factory Racing Brazil

Atturo Trail Blade X/T SXS Tires are Polaris Factory Racing Brazil’s preferred tires. With Atturo’s Trail Blade X/T SXS tires, the Torrez Azevedo Rally Team is getting ready for the 3800KM Rally dos Sertees, an eight-day journey across the country from Petrolina, PE, to Prea, CE. Depending on the rally stage, the squad will use 3010.00R15 and 3210.00R15 sizes. Driver for Polaris Factory Racing Jean Azevedo commented, “Atturo Tires shocked us in the tests and during the Jalapo Rally, in which we had a fantastic performance. “The items are exceptionally durable and have features that are necessary to meet all of the Serte Rally’s requirements. We are overjoyed to have this collaboration. The Rally dos Serteis, now in its 30th year of racing, travels over some of the most beautiful and challenging terrain in Brazil. Nearly 200 racers from various classes are anticipated to compete in this year’s rally, along with a caravan of more than 2,000 spectators to cheer on the teams. 

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