Akebono Expands ProAct, Euro Brake Disk Lines

The ProAct and Euro Ultra-Premium Disc Brake Pad range of Akebono Brake Corporation was enlarged by the addition of five new part numbers, ACT2230, ACT2231, ACT2372, ACT2383, and EUR2136. In the packages that call for it, premium stainless steel abutment hardware is supplied.

Here is a comprehensive list of Akebono uses for these components as well as the remainder of the company’s product line. Acura MDX 20-17, Ford F150 23-21, Expedition 23-22, Explorer 23-20, Police Interceptor Utility 23-20, Honda Odyssey 22-18, and Lincoln: Aviator 23-20 and Navigator 23-21 are now covered by ProAct thanks to its most recent update. According to the manufacturer, the Volvo XC40 23-19 is now covered by this Euro release as well.

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