Alloy Wheel Straightening: How it Works

You’ve hit a kerb or a pothole and scratched your alloy – that’s not a problem, alloy wheel repair is a relatively straightforward process that will bring your alloys back to prime condition in no time. But what if the damage is extensive and you’ve bent the metal?

In this case, you’ll need an expert to straighten your alloy wheels to maintain a clean look, structural integrity and most importantly, safety.

What is alloy wheel straightening?

Alloy wheel straightening is a complex process, handled by a professional, that requires the use of precise machinery to straighten a bent alloy wheel back to its original shape.

As alloy wheels are made up from a mixture of soft metals, they are easily buckled, damaged and dented through hitting kerbs, potholes or driving over uneven surfaces.

Driving on a bent alloy wheel can be extremely dangerous, so it’s important that you have these issues rectified as soon as you notice them – we’ll talk more about how you can spot the signs of a bent alloy later on.

How long does alloy wheel straightening take?

It’s usually a pretty speedy process and often completed same-day. If you get booked in for a repair as soon as you notice the issue, you won’t be off the road for long.

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