Alloy wheel insurance is it worth it?

How does alloy wheel insurance work?

Alloy wheel insurance provides cover against accidental damage to your rim and tyre caused by road hazards such as potholes, kerbs, nails or other sharp objects.

There is nothing worse than getting a brand new car or even adding a brand new set of alloys and then hitting a kerb. By having insurance it’ll be fine.

Is alloy wheel insurance worth it?

I suppose the real answer here depends on how important your alloy wheels are to you individually.

There are people who pay a serious amount of money for alloy wheels.

From a financial point of view it can make sense to have insurance to cover any damage or loss of such a valuable asset.

There is also the point of view that alloys are a thing of immense pride to some people. So, this can also be a reason why you would take out insurance.

How much is alloy wheel insurance?

This all depends on the type of wheels you have but it can start as little as £150 per wheel.

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Insurance

For those who can afford them, diamond cut alloy wheels are a worthwhile investment. This is because they cost more than traditional steel or aluminium ones but will last much longer and look better in the process!

It’s important to get your alloys insured against damage though – especially if you’re going off road where accidents may happen on occasion due to rough terrain; this way there won’t be any financial strain should anything unfortunate occur while driving around town with these fancy rims installed on your luxury vehicle.

A lot of new cars are now coming with Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels on them and they can only be repaired a few times due to the way they are produced. Make sure you have them covered in case of any unfortunate events.

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