Alloy Wheel Care and Maintenance

Alloy wheels are a great choice for any car owner looking for increased strength, decreased overall weight and endless modification options. Higher standard alloy wheels come with a greater responsibility of care and maintenance of their desirable qualities. Here we discuss what you need to know about your alloy wheels in order to keep them looking great, and answer some of the most common questions we get in relation to caring for your alloy wheels.

Knowing your alloy wheel specifications

The first step to maintaining great alloy wheels is to know their specifications. This means that, should an issue present itself, you can easily find the correct replacements, repair tools or equipment needed for that specific alloy wheel.  

How to measure alloy wheel size

There are a few different measurements that are required when sizing up alloy wheels. You can take these measurements yourself or have your alloy wheels sized by a professional during installation, repairs or modification. 

Wheel diameter

Wheel diameter, or pitch circle diameter (PCD), is the diameter of the circle in which your alloy wheel bolts are placed on. You can calculate the PCD of your alloy wheels by using the number of bolts and the size of the circle in which the bolts sit – this is usually measured in millimeters.

Wheel rim width

The rim width is the distance between the outside and the inside lips of your alloy wheel – this is typically measured in inches. You need to know this number as each car requires a different wheel rim width in order to fit properly.

Wheel offset

Wheel offset refers to how alloy wheels sit in the wheel wells and how far out the wheel will sit in line with the hub-mounting surface and the wheels centerline. This number is measured in millimetres and, the higher the number, the closer the wheel sits to the vehicle body.

Wheel centre bore

The wheel centre bore is the hole on the back of the wheel that centres it on the mounting hub – the size of this hole is measured in millimetres. It is useful to know this measurement as you may need a product that allows you to adapt this size if it doesn’t fit on your vehicle as standard.

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